It's Great Now....Let's Make It Better!
(Click the photos for larger images and click here as Michael Griffin interviews John Wood at Family Day 2010)

Friends members at a work day on the new trail
One of the boardwalks on the new trail
constructed with a trail grant

A view of Warm Brook from the new trail
The Clarkson Team after a Work Day

Joint Effort Yields a Great Park Bench
2009 Clarkson & SLU Volunteers on Work Day

Warm Brook Lean-To
John Wood at the Beaver Pond Lean-To

Warm Brook Lean-To on Family Day
John starting the fire for refreshments
at Family Day

John Trims Downed Sapling
View from the New Trail
 of the bench facing Warm Brook

Bridge Rebuilding, December 2009

Hiking & Skiing won't be fun here!
One morning with skilled workers gets it done.

If it'll hold these guys, it'll hold anything!