Snow Conditions w/ History

December 5:  It stayed warm overnight.  It appears we received around an inch of heavy, dense, damp snow. If temps drop through the day, as forecast, this will improve conditions. 

SLU reported that the skate lanes were good yesterday, despite the thin cover.

Night Skiing Tonight - Park & Lodge Open Until 8:00 

December 4:  We have a dusting of fresh snow. More is falling lightly. SLU will be attempting flat grooming the roads around midday.

December 3:  The camp roads and loops were rolled this morning as well as the E-Z trail and Pine Trails. New Pine, Paralleling the camp road is generally pretty good. Old Pine is very thin, E-Z is thin but skiable. 

The camp road and loops are generally covered with a thin layer of crusty ice underneath making them skiable. The rest of the trails are being skied but are too thin to try to roll. 

Henry has finished the lights on the outer portion of the E-Z trail and has offered to be the host for skiing tonight, so the lodge and trails will be open tonight. Remember THIN COVER!

December 2:  We were largely passed over in the snow department. We did get a couple of inches and it is presently snowing lightly. There is some base left in some areas,but not everywhere. Skiing may be possible but grooming may not yet be. We will hope for more snow soon

November 26:  Henry surprised me yesterday with two pieces of information, He finished putting up the lights on the rest of the E-Z trail and was going to ski around it to check it out! He skied Overlook the day before and said it was still ok. I did not get to the Park yesterday to check it out but did not expect skiable conditions.  As warm as it stayed overnight I am doubtful whether there is snow left today but if there is the backside of Overlook and New Pine would be the best bets. To state the obvious-there is no night skiing tonight.

November 23:  At the moment we still have a base. People have been out skiing the trails. Coverage is generally still good. The roads (more grooming after the tee)and camp loops have been flat groomed and some of the road has been track set. B loop is not very good and a short section on E loop. E-Z trail has been reset. Conditions should improve as temperatures warm. 

November 22:  Please Stay Off Trails Until Tomorrow when we can see whether there is anything left to save.  The inevitable warm up, wind and rain have arrived.  Not sure if we will have any base left but will make determinations tomorrow (Saturday).

November 21:  This might be the last day of good conditions-or skiing at all for a while. E-Z groomed last night, Overlook, Old Pine, all of the Cedar Brook network including Cedar Brook Hills and the Training Loops groomed this morning. SLU groomed the roads yesterday. Conditions are good. A couple of rocks poking through on Old Pine.  

November 20:  Overlook, Warm Brook, E-Z and Old Pine were groomed and trackset last night. Skiing will be good today. It looks like we will not escape Friday's weather so if your schedule allows a ski, now is the time!

November 19:  It is snowing hard this morning. We'll take it! The trails have held up well.  Henry has been hard at work putting out solar motion lights on the inner loop of the E-Z trail. You can ski under the lights! Check it out! Skiing until 8:00 P.M. tonight.

November 18:  We just came back from skiing at the Park. We expected mushy conditions but no, woods trails are still great.  SLU groomed the roads and camp loops this morning. 

November 17:  Another beautiful day of skiing! Ed is grooming Old Pine and the remainder of the Training loops early this morning. SLU will be working on and possibly resetting tracks on the roads.  Weather looks iffy next week so enjoy these early season conditions-many of your friends already are!

November 16:  A beautiful Saturday to check out the trails at Higley. You can't rake leaves, you may as well ski! The skate lanes have been re-groomed. The trackset on the lanes is good in most places, a few icy spots. The trackset has held up well on the trails. Outer Cedar Brook has been trackset. Cedar Brook Hills is flat groomed. The steep side of the training loops has a couple of preliminary flat grooming passes on it.

November 15:  We will keep our fingers crossed that any precipitation today comes in the form of snow, which would put us in great shape for the weekend. In the meantime as long as temps stay in the low 30's conditions should be good and the trails able to withstand use. If temps climb into the 40's, in order to preserve the conditions, it would be best to wait until tomorrow to enjoy the trails.

November 13:  Looking good! It is a beautiful "winter" day. The roads are all flat groomed. E-Z, Overlook, Warm Brook, Pine and the inner loops on Cedar Brook are rolled. Ed is there now experimenting with tracksetting. He will set track on the trails where there is enough snow. Either tonight or early tomorrow we will try tracksetting the roads.  Trails open until sunset

November 12:  First steps-a base needs to be created, in this case it may only last a few days, but the first step will be to roll the surfaces to keep as much snow on the trails as possible without pushing it out to the side. SLU is going to start that this morning. We will roll whatever they don't get to after they get done (one roller). After that sets up some, and if the depth is sufficient, we will be able to groom with the drags. The early season start has caused some scrambling, sleds are there now, drags should be back from the shop later today. It looks like around 10" of snow here.

November 11:  We lost our snow yesterday but awoke to a fresh 1.5" with snow still falling. There is hope! Unfortunately the grooming sleds are still at the service center awaiting service. SLU is hoping to have something at the Park tomorrow to at least flat groom if not more. The Friends are also trying to pressure our service provider to get the Friends' sled back.

November 8:  We received a dusting last night. Conditions should not be sticky today, the cold temps took care of that. Very thin cover but some will be out there testing it out. Park hours are until sunset.

November 7:  If you were hoping to be the first ski of the season at the Park, you are out of luck. Henry was out early this morning on the E-Z trail! There is a couple of inches of heavy snow on open areas of the trails. The ground is warm, the snow is wet, so conditions are sticky. You are going to want wax, or in a pinch some Armorall on your bases if you are going to check conditions out. Most trails have very few rocks so if you are salivating to get out there, you can.