Snow Conditions

January 19:  Snow! Looks like about 6" here. SLU is rolling the roads then grooming and track setting. As soon as they finish with the roller we will roll and groom-hopefully trackset-the trails.

January 18:  The road has been groomed and trackset by SLU. Everything except New Pine and Cedar Brook Hills have been flat groomed. However, Overlook and Warm Brook did not come out as well as we would have liked due to two separate equipment failures which resulted in the drags plowing more than grooming. Unfortunately we had to get them back to the sled shed to fix them. The trails are skiable but the damage is apparent. Hopefully we will get some snow tomorrow to rectify the issue.

January 17:  The Park got over 6" of light powder snow. The roads, E-Z, Overlook, Cedar Brook except the hills, and Old Pine have been flat groomed. SLU will try tracksetting the roads later today. We will be finishing flat grooming this morning. Much of the snow on the woods trail is still in the canopy but projected winds should bring it down. right now there is not enough in the woods to trackset.

Looks like more snow in the forecast-perfect for the long weekend.January 16:  (Afternoon Report) The Park will be open until 8:00 tonight (Thursday).  The Park has received 7 to 8 inches of new powder so far. SLU may have flat groomed the roads by now. Ed & Judy will try to flat groom a couple of trails by tonight.

January 16 (Morning Report):  Skiing is returning! We have about 2" on the ground this morning. By tomorrow morning, if not sooner, we may have enough snow to groom. Night skiing for tonight will be determined later today-stay tuned.

January 13:  There is currently insufficient snow for skiing at the Park.  When conditions allow, notification will be posted here and on our Facebook page.  

If you would like to receive the latest informtion directly to your inbox, simply email with the words "Snow Report" in the Subject line.

January 12:  We dodged a bullet in the ice department but unfortunately we did no better in snow. We have only a dusting over generally bare ground, so skiing is wishful thinking at this point.

January 10:  We had a little rain earlier and it is windy but the roads should hold up until later this morning if anyone wants to get a last ski before we lose it again.

January 9:  The main roads, A & B loops were flat groomed and trackset late yesterday, the other loops were flat groomed,  E-Z was trackset, Overlook was flat groomed.

Skiing on the roads if very good, E-Z is a little scratchy in places. The other trails are skiable but too thin to groom.

There is night skiing tonight with Carol Rossi-Fries as your host. The roads will be the best choice in limited light.

It looks like we may lose everything again after tonight, so enjoy and make the best of it.

January 7:  The roads were rolled and flat groomed yesterday, E-Z was flat groomed. Coverage is pretty good. Skiers are using the other trails but not enough to groom. 

There will be skiing tonight-the roads and E-Z would be the better choices for night skiing due to the thin cover in spots on the woods trails. Friends Board meeting is also tonight at the lodge 7:00p.m. 

It looks like we will have a couple of days of skiing before the next wave of warm wet weather so enjoy!

January 6:  It is snowing lightly this morning. We are going to try rolling the road and go from there depending on the success of that attempt. It looks like we may get enough to improve skiing on the trails, even if there may not be enough to groom them.

January 5:  On dry, open surfaces we got about 2" of dense snow. Areas that were warmer, densely wooded or wet accumulated less. This is the type of snow we need for a base and the cooler temps should set it up. We do need more, however, before we can groom. The roads and some areas of the trails may be skiable. 

We stopped by the Cascade and VanHo XC areas yesterday. They are slightly better off than we are with 1-2" of base in most areas-no trackset.

For those of you who also alpine-Titus has managed to keep their trails in very good shape.

January 2:  We have about 2" in open areas and presently 34 degree temps. roads, Overlook, E-Z and Pine may be skiable for a few hours but with no base. Hopefully cooler temps and snow are in the future.

January 1:  Happy New Year everyone! We received about an inch of good base snow. It is a start but we need a few more inches of the same type of snow. We'll hope for an unforecast contribution from mother nature.

December 26:  First-a belated Happy Holidays to you! We hope you had an opportunity to share a joyful time with family and friends. I have been locked out of my account for the last day and one half so I haven't been able to pass on any information until now. 

The conditions at the Park are poor-there is a base in many areas but it is an icy one.There are bare areas, particularly near Cold Brook Drive.

Skiing is ill advised. We will hope Friday comes with snow rather than rain. The trails are more suitable for snowshoeing, some may be firm enough for walking with traction devices.

We went through this last year then winter settled in and we had a great year, maybe we will be lucky enough to have a similar outcome, in the meantime.  THINK SNOW!!

December 24:  Fast and firm. Henry reports that there is still snow and he is leaving the lodge open until 8:00P.M. for anyone wishing to use the trails or socialize in the lodge on this Christmas Eve!

Thank you Henry!

December 23:  Doug Welch reported the temps were still 27 degrees at 8:30 this morning at the Park. The warm wind will deteriorate trails fairly quickly. It is a bonus that the ground is cold. Skiing will remain good the longest on the roads followed by the areas of Outlook way from the road, Warm Brook in the hard woods, Pine paralleling the road, and most of the E-Z trail.

We will not groom the woods trails due to the thin cover. If the roads are touched up it will be tomorrow morning when temps are cool. We'll make the determination if that is beneficial tomorrow.

If you are fortunate enough to be off today, enjoy the trails and the staff's decorations in the lodge.

December 21:  Apologies for the late report. The grooming SLU did on the roads turned out well. The roads are in good shape with a track set as well as flaat grooming. 

Overlook, Warm Brook and Pine were groomed and trackset where possible. There are areas of thin coverage but they are all skiable. Most of Cedar Brook was flat groomed. It is very thin until you get past the bridge over Cedar Brook -- after that conditions improve. 

Cedar Brook Hills and Raquette Ridge/training loops are flat groomed on the less steep side down to the camp roads. Old Pine has not been groomed although it-and the backcountry trails are being skied.

The trails were being well used and those out there were enjoying themselves.

We can't afford to lose any snow so best enjoy it now!

December 20:  SLU groomed and track set the roads and EZ yesterday. These are the areas with best coverage. We will be track setting or flat grooming, whatever depth permits, the trails for the weekend. It will be later today or early Sat. because we are tied up today with a prior commitment.

Enjoy the last day of fall skiing!

December 18:  SLU flat groomed the roads this morning. We rolled ll trails except Cedar Brook Hills and training loops. There is adequate cover to ski, but not to set tracks. Of the 5" of snow we got, 3" is sitting overhead in the trees. A little wind should put more on the trails.  It is still snowing lightly. The trails were heavily used today.  Many of your friends are out there enjoying the Park!

December 17:  SNOW & NITE SKIING TONIGHT!!  We will groom when we have enough.  Skiing is improving by the minute today. Snow is falling heavily at the moment. There will be skiing tonight probably on mostly ungroomed trails. The Colton Rescue Squad will be meeting in the lodge at 6:30, lodge will be open to skiers, just need to keep noise down for the Dept. who is meeting to familiarize themselves in case they ever need to make a rescue at the Park.

December 16:  2 inches of snow has firmed up and has yielded a marginally skiable surface, though not groomable, at least in the woods. SLU may attempt flat grooming the roads. 

December 15:  Currently there is insufficient snow for skiing.  We received an inch of snow on Saturday (12/14) night over very soaked ground. When temps fall, this should create a meager beginning of a base. It won't take a lot to make conditions skiable but we aren't there yet.

Wednesday's (Dec 11) squalls were to the north of the Park (Potsdam & Canton), Generally we are in a snow pocket, but not this time. 

December 9:  Warm and melting. We will hope for some base left when temps cool later tomorrow.  Until then, the less traffic on the trails the better for the long term. If you can hold off skiing for now, that should help.

December 8:  It looks like a perfect day to be at the Park! The Park received about 2" of very light powder over the last day. It has covered the scratchy spots with a very fine skiable coating. We did not re-groom the woods trails because the track set has remained in good condition. Redoing the trails would only expose those thin spots again. The camp roads have had the skate lanes redone. We will reset the tracks on the roads this morning-ran out of daylight yesterday afternoon

December 7:  There are photo op moments at the Park. We have not had any wind so snow is hanging on the trees. What we gained in beauty we lost on the trails. 

The best skiing is in the open areas or the hardwoods where more snow made it to the ground. SLU has groomed and trackset the roads. They are in good condition. All the trails except the training loops have been groomed and trackset where possible. Everything is skiable. The thinnest areas are Overlook by the roadside, Warm Brook for a short stretch in the conifers, the very beginning of Cedar Brook.

December 6:  We have a total of 4-5" of snow with more falling this morning. Commitment conflicts have unfortunately tied us up yesterday and this morning but we will be rolling trails later today and flat grooming or track setting as conditions allow. If needed we will groom again early tomorrow.  SLU flat groomed the roads yesterday. They should be in good shape for skiing today.

December 5:  It stayed warm overnight.  It appears we received around an inch of heavy, dense, damp snow. If temps drop through the day, as forecast, this will improve conditions. 

SLU reported that the skate lanes were good yesterday, despite the thin cover.

December 4:  We have a dusting of fresh snow. More is falling lightly. SLU will be attempting flat grooming the roads around midday.

December 3:  The camp roads and loops were rolled this morning as well as the E-Z trail and Pine Trails. New Pine, Paralleling the camp road is generally pretty good. Old Pine is very thin, E-Z is thin but skiable. 

The camp road and loops are generally covered with a thin layer of crusty ice underneath making them skiable. The rest of the trails are being skied but are too thin to try to roll. 

Henry has finished the lights on the outer portion of the E-Z trail and has offered to be the host for skiing tonight, so the lodge and trails will be open tonight. Remember THIN COVER!

December 2:  We were largely passed over in the snow department. We did get a couple of inches and it is presently snowing lightly. There is some base left in some areas,but not everywhere. Skiing may be possible but grooming may not yet be. We will hope for more snow soon

November 26:  Henry surprised me yesterday with two pieces of information, He finished putting up the lights on the rest of the E-Z trail and was going to ski around it to check it out! He skied Overlook the day before and said it was still ok. I did not get to the Park yesterday to check it out but did not expect skiable conditions.  As warm as it stayed overnight I am doubtful whether there is snow left today but if there is the backside of Overlook and New Pine would be the best bets. To state the obvious-there is no night skiing tonight.

November 23:  At the moment we still have a base. People have been out skiing the trails. Coverage is generally still good. The roads (more grooming after the tee)and camp loops have been flat groomed and some of the road has been track set. B loop is not very good and a short section on E loop. E-Z trail has been reset. Conditions should improve as temperatures warm. 

November 22:  Please Stay Off Trails Until Tomorrow when we can see whether there is anything left to save.  The inevitable warm up, wind and rain have arrived.  Not sure if we will have any base left but will make determinations tomorrow (Saturday).

November 21:  This might be the last day of good conditions-or skiing at all for a while. E-Z groomed last night, Overlook, Old Pine, all of the Cedar Brook network including Cedar Brook Hills and the Training Loops groomed this morning. SLU groomed the roads yesterday. Conditions are good. A couple of rocks poking through on Old Pine.  

November 20:  Overlook, Warm Brook, E-Z and Old Pine were groomed and trackset last night. Skiing will be good today. It looks like we will not escape Friday's weather so if your schedule allows a ski, now is the time!

November 19:  It is snowing hard this morning. We'll take it! The trails have held up well.  Henry has been hard at work putting out solar motion lights on the inner loop of the E-Z trail. You can ski under the lights! Check it out! Skiing until 8:00 P.M. tonight.

November 18:  We just came back from skiing at the Park. We expected mushy conditions but no, woods trails are still great.  SLU groomed the roads and camp loops this morning. 

November 17:  Another beautiful day of skiing! Ed is grooming Old Pine and the remainder of the Training loops early this morning. SLU will be working on and possibly resetting tracks on the roads.  Weather looks iffy next week so enjoy these early season conditions-many of your friends already are!

November 16:  A beautiful Saturday to check out the trails at Higley. You can't rake leaves, you may as well ski! The skate lanes have been re-groomed. The trackset on the lanes is good in most places, a few icy spots. The trackset has held up well on the trails. Outer Cedar Brook has been trackset. Cedar Brook Hills is flat groomed. The steep side of the training loops has a couple of preliminary flat grooming passes on it.

November 15:  We will keep our fingers crossed that any precipitation today comes in the form of snow, which would put us in great shape for the weekend. In the meantime as long as temps stay in the low 30's conditions should be good and the trails able to withstand use. If temps climb into the 40's, in order to preserve the conditions, it would be best to wait until tomorrow to enjoy the trails.

November 13:  Looking good! It is a beautiful "winter" day. The roads are all flat groomed. E-Z, Overlook, Warm Brook, Pine and the inner loops on Cedar Brook are rolled. Ed is there now experimenting with tracksetting. He will set track on the trails where there is enough snow. Either tonight or early tomorrow we will try tracksetting the roads.  Trails open until sunset

November 12:  First steps-a base needs to be created, in this case it may only last a few days, but the first step will be to roll the surfaces to keep as much snow on the trails as possible without pushing it out to the side. SLU is going to start that this morning. We will roll whatever they don't get to after they get done (one roller). After that sets up some, and if the depth is sufficient, we will be able to groom with the drags. The early season start has caused some scrambling, sleds are there now, drags should be back from the shop later today. It looks like around 10" of snow here.

November 11:  We lost our snow yesterday but awoke to a fresh 1.5" with snow still falling. There is hope! Unfortunately the grooming sleds are still at the service center awaiting service. SLU is hoping to have something at the Park tomorrow to at least flat groom if not more. The Friends are also trying to pressure our service provider to get the Friends' sled back.

November 8:  We received a dusting last night. Conditions should not be sticky today, the cold temps took care of that. Very thin cover but some will be out there testing it out. Park hours are until sunset.

November 7:  If you were hoping to be the first ski of the season at the Park, you are out of luck. Henry was out early this morning on the E-Z trail! There is a couple of inches of heavy snow on open areas of the trails. The ground is warm, the snow is wet, so conditions are sticky. You are going to want wax, or in a pinch some Armorall on your bases if you are going to check conditions out. Most trails have very few rocks so if you are salivating to get out there, you can.