Snow Conditions

November 19:  We got an additional 2" snow, but with the warm ground and warmer temperatures, we are losing snow. The Friends sled is back in service and is at the Park. Ed made a couple passes around the E-Z trail to try it out. There is not really enough snow to groom (wear bars on the skis need enough depth to stay above the earth) but compacting it may have helped the sticking. 

November 18:  The first skiers were out two days ago. Snow is falling, but the ground is not frozen, conditions are marginal and ungroomed. 

There is insufficient snow yet to groom and sleds are still in the shop being serviced. If we get an adequate amount to start grooming, and we get the first of the sleds back, we will groom. 

We will keep you posted. 

Plan for potentially sticky conditions!