Snow Conditions

February 6: Trails and roads will be groomed  today after a very busy weekend, Sunday, in particular, was a joyous day with a great many skiers enjoying every foot of skiable, snow-shoeable terrain. A new play area by the pump out station was created for the Ermines, who made good use of it, playing tag and other games with the SLU Ski Team and trying their hand at a ski jump made by the team. The pulkas were out, ski jorers, skate skiers, back country and in track skiers, snow-shoers; everyone having fun.

February 5: Skiing should be excellent today with warmer temperatures. SLU/Mike Morse is flat grooming the roads and the area by the pump out station for the Ermines. Ed will be working on Raquette Ridge and touching up other trails if needed. Judy will be grooming the area around the lodge for the Ermines and track setting the roads.

This is a roller coaster of a year. Enjoy the snow while we have it.

February 4: Trail conditions should be good but fairly slow in the cold temperatures.

February 3: Brrrr-a good day to hunker down and plan your next visit to the Park. If you venture out on the trails, stay safe. 

The Cedar Brook network was groomed yesterday and all trails are in good shape. 

A man we worked for had a philosophy toward using equipment "It doesn't have feelings, work it hard". That may be true, but anyone who has operated equipment in extreme cold will tell you that the rate of equipment failure in those temperatures is much higher. We will resume grooming when the temperatures moderate. Conditions should hold well until then.

We are going to start teasing you with news about the upcoming winter event over the Winterfest weekend of Feb. 10-12th.

February 2: Trails are being touched up by Ed and Tom or Mike.Reports are that conditions are very good. It is breezy, watch out for snow bombs! Fortunately, the Park's trails are sheltered. 

February 1: Hermon-Dekalb Central will be on the trails today.  I know this is impossibly short notice, some wires got crossed. If anyone is out there skiing this morning and would be willing to help with a group, we could use one volunteer around 9:00A.M.

We will be working on the trails this morning.

January 30:  Grooming yesterday was limited by the heavy, wet, snow. Approximately 3/4 of the network was groomed, including the roads. Tom is grooming today, working on the wooded trails at the moment.

January 29:  Mike Morse/SLU has groomed and track set the roads this morning. Tom French is out on the trails grooming them. It is snowing fairly hard at the Park this morning.

Yesterday was a day filled with joy at the Park. Attached is a picture of some of the happy faces.

If your young skier is missing his or her equipment, stop by the Park Office from 7-3:30 and claim it.

Excellent skiing on fresh snow today. Henry has a fire going by the kiosk for your enjoyment!

January 28:  Marty Duffany will be grooming this morning. Ed hopes to groom Raquette Ridge. The temperature is warm which makes ungroomed snow on steep hills very difficult, so we shall see how that goes. We will be preparing the area around the lodge for the Ermines and also widening out the E-Z trail for their skate lesson.

January 27:  Skiing should be excellent.  We will be grooming this morning -- all roads, EZ, and Overlook plus anything else that needs to be done after yesterday's evening skiing. 

January 26 Update:  

Conditions for Night Skiing (until 8:00) should be Fantastic!

All woods trails except Raquette Ridge, all roads and camp loops have been groomed and trackset.

January 26:  Grrrr...temperature inversions! My phone says temp is 24, but the thermometer here says 30 and the Park is 32 degrees. 

Ed has made a valiant attempt at grooming but the snow is just too saturated and heavy, sleds pulling a groomer equals no turning. He has taken the Skandic without a groomer around Overlook with some difficulty after trying to groom E-Z with sled and drag. E-Z is more or less groomed. 

Mike tried to bring the Tucker in to flatten the roads but even that rebelled. We are going to have to wait until temperatures cool, hopefully by this afternoon. 

If you ski, you may want an anti-stick coating of some form on your skis. Once we get this snow groomed it should make an excellent base. 

Ed reports there are some branches down on Overlook, so if you are skiing, stick flicking would be appreciated. 

Skiing should be excellent tonight if we can get the trails groomed. Blanche Town will be your host this evening. We will post an update after we do get them groomed.

January 25 Update:  Roads, camp loops, and all woods trails groomed and trackset. Skiing is very good. 

There are a few low hanging branches, mainly on Cedar Brook and Pine-a project for next spring or fall.

January 25:  The roads and camp loops were groomed late yesterday afternoon. As we finished grooming a snowsquall came through and dumped a few inches of snow. We will be starting grooming woods and roads around 10;30 this morning. Conditions will be excellent.

January 24 Update:  All woods trails are groomed, trackset, and in good shape. The roads and camp loops are not groomed yet but will be a little later this afternoon.

Night skiing tonight should be excellent.

January 24:  The Park received about an inch of dense snow the night before last, improving conditions. We had a brief snow squall this morning. We will be heading up to check out grooming possibilities around 9:30. We will try the Overlook trail first and go from there. Skiing should be good today.

January 22:  All trails, including Raquette Ride were groomed and track set where possible yesterday afternoon, also the roads and camp loops. Conditions are thin, but there was a crowd out enjoying the trails yesterday.

Fingers crossed for more snow in the forecast.

January 21:  Conditions are looking up. We received a little more snow after we groomed yesterday and the temperatures dropped. Skiing should be good today. 

We will check out Overlook and possibly groom it, maybe Warm Brook too, but that is more doubtful due to the rocks and low coverage in coniferous sections.

The Ermines will be out having fun at 1:00 today. If you want to see pure joy, stop and watch them for a few minutes.

January 20 Update:  Yippee, it is snowing at the Park! 

Little accumulation, probably an inch at most, but it helps. E-Z, Pine, and the roads are groomed and trackset. Cedar Brook is groomed and trackset where possible. Camp loops are flat groomed.

Any snow we get now will make a big difference.

January 20:  Henry reports that the Park has received a little snow and that there are people skiing. We are going up to see if there are areas we can groom. We will start with the roads and E-Z and go from there.

January 19:  Conditions are variable. The roads have been flat groomed for skating and a fresh trackset for classical. The camp loops have been flat groomed. The E-Z trail has been groomed and track set and is in reasonably good condition.. 

If you ski tonight, the above would be the best options. The roads and camp loops were pretty rough when we started grooming. The roads groomed out pretty well, the snow depth on the loops is so minimal that they did not come out as well. 

With minimum snow depth on the woods trails, we did not attempt them yet. If we do try any additional trails it may be Pine. We will update if we do.January 18: The weather is slightly above freezing and precipitation is mixed rain and snow. As much as we would like to groom we are afraid it will turn the saturated snow to slush. As soon as temps drop below freezing for a little while to let the base harden up we will resume grooming. 

If you decide to ski today, the roads are the most firmly packed and should be the best skiing.

January 17: After skiing ourselves this morning, we decided it would be better to wait on the grooming. The roads are still quite good. The trails are thin-and getting thinner. Damp pine cones and twigs are stickier than frozen ones. Skiing is still possible, the road is the best choice.

Skiing is scheduled for tonight until 8:00. Please check your e-,mail before heading out to make sure the weather has not forced a cancellation.

January 16: Conditions are holding up quite well considering the minimum amount of snow we have. 

The trackset on the main roads can be groomed when needed but the loops and trails are better left alone until we get more snow. 

Skiing is quite good, considering.

January 15:  Cedar Brook excluding the Raquette Ridge trails has been flat groomed. The roads have been groomed and trackset. 

Coverage on the woods trails is very thin but skiable. We will hope for additional snow later in the week. but , hey, it's skiing!

January 14:  Much snow stayed on the trees. 

E-Z is groomed and trackset. Overlook, Pine and Warm Brook are flat groomed. The roads are groomed and trackset. 

We did not do the Cedar Brook network. Probably skiable, but not enough to groom. 

Best skiing is on the roads and E-Z.

January 14 Anticipated:  We received quite a bit of rain prior to the precipitation switching to snow. In the open areas, we received between 5 and 6". The bottom is slushy from the rain, the top is good snow. 

We are waiting until tomorrow morning to start grooming in order to give the colder temperatures a chance to hopefully freeze the bottom layer.

If all goes as we hope, skiing should be at least passable tomorrow. If you are skiing, please help us out and throw a few branches off the trail. It will make for a better experience for everyone.

January 13:  We have received approximately 1.5" of snow. We will hope that it continues snowing, and will wait until the temperatures drop and the wetness underneath freezes to groom-if we receive enough snow. Hopefully tomorrow morning would be the grooming, if conditions permit.

December 30:  It is too warm for us to groom today, but there should still be coverage on most trails. Late spring skiing. This may be it for a while, so enjoy.

December 29:  It should be a beautiful day of spring skiing. Ed will be grooming a few of the trails as temperatures permit this morning. Leah Worden will host skiing until 8:00P.M. this evening. 

We do not feel this snow will endure the thaw well. The ground is frozen which will help, but there have not been the freeze, thaw, snow cycles that have helped toughen the base in other years.

Hopefully this thaw will be followed by more snow and more stable temperatures.

Right now, it is beautiful, so enjoy!

December 28:  Tom French groomed the roads, EZ, Pine, Toadstool, and Overlook. We may groom Cedar & Warm Brook later when the snow lets up. 

The Park is spectacular right now with the snow hanging in the trees. Conditions should be very good today, possibly getting a little sticky in the afternoon. 

Keep in mind some photos for next year's photo contest.

Hopefully the weather coming will be our January thaw and winter will settle in after it. We will be in groom it and use it mode until and if we run out of snow. We will groom when temperatures permit operating the sleds.

Ignore tomorrow's forecast and enjoy today, skiing is great!

December 27 UPDATE:  The Park received between 6 and 8" of powder. 

All trails have been trackset.  Pine has been widened and has a narrow skate lane.  Most of the roads and loops are trackset and have a skating lane. The snow is powdery and the Park is busy. The trackset won't hold up.  It will be reset tomorrow.

Great skiing!!

December 27:  It snowed lightly all day yesterday at the Park and is still snowing this morning. The snow is powdery. Conditions should be excellent. 

Ed will be grooming Raquette Ridge this morning. We will be grooming some of the trails this morning. Tom French plans on doing additional grooming this afternoon.

Enjoy these awesome conditions while we have them, changes are on the horizon :-(

December 26 UPDATE:  

Everything except the Raquette Ridge area has been groomed and trackset. There were some trees down. They have been cleared. Mike Morse flattened the roads with the Tucker. It has been dragged and track set. Conditions are very nice. The Park got around 2" of powder while we were grooming. 

The weather looks glum for the end of the week so if you have the opportunity,now is the time to enjoy the conditions. Those chores will still be there on the bad weather days!

Night skiing tomorrow night until 8:00P.M.

December 26:  

We will be assessing the trails this morning for downed trees, and beginning grooming in the usual sequence E-Z, Overlook, Warm Brook, Pine and the Cedar Brook network. 

Once the trails are cleared, one of us will start grooming the roads.

It looks like around 8" on the level at the Park. Once again, there will be some branches to toss. 

Thank you for your help on branches.

December 24:  

We don't know how much snow we may have gotten because the landscape is so windblown. Conditions are adverse for travel, grooming and skiing. We will let you know when we start grooming. 

If you ski, the conditions are ungroomed at the moment. Please let us know if you come across downed trees.  

Mike Morse will bring the Tucker in at some point to level out the roads. We will let you know when we start grooming. We will do so as soon as it is safe to do so.

December 23:  Don't, is our suggestion! 

It is pouring rain, but getting ready to switch over. The wind has arrived. 

The Park has closed the lodge and rentals. If traffic stays off the trails until this sets up, hopefully with some snow on top, we will be able to restore it.

December 22:  Skiing conditions are very good today-but keep an eye to the sky if you are in the woods. Snow is coming down in snow "bombs" and it is very heavy. 

After today, we would appreciate trail users refrain from using the trails until after the storm has passed and temperatures are below freezing again. 

December 21:  Conditions should be excellent today. 

Cedar Brook, Raquette Ridge, down by the lean-to, all trails were groomed and trackset yesterday and came out well. 

SLU's groomer brought the Tucker in last night and flattened/compacted the roads and camp loops to level them out and put them in the most durable condition to withstand the coming weather event. We will be restoring the track set on them this morning. L

ooks like we should be able to enjoy today and hopefully through Thurs. evening before bad weather hits. It would be a big help on Friday if the trails were not used until they freeze up.

December 20:  Henry and Tim have been hard at work. They cleared the Park camp loops, Overlook, Pine and Toadstool of downed trees. All except Toadstool have been groomed and trackset. There is now a fairly narrow skating lane on the road and the loops. It is somewhat unlevel yet, but it is a lane.

Henry and Tim expect to work on the Cedarbrook side today. As soon as they finish it, we will groom it.

We should have good conditions for the next couple of days, until the next weather system. If you can, now is the time to enjoy it. We still ask that you throw a few branches off the trail to help with the conditions over the winter months.

December 19:  The Park staff, Henry and Tim, will be cutting trees this morning, Ed will join them in the afternoon. 

The main road, loops B,C, and F have been track set. The other loops have trees down. We will work this morning on widening the current grooming to eventually create a skating lane. 

E-Z, New and Old Pine are groomed and trackset. One large tree is blocking grooming the Overlook loop. We will groom that as soon as the tree is cut. We will move on to Warm Brook after that. Most trails can be skied-skiers have made paths around downed trees.

There are quite a few branches down, and snow laden branches leaning low over trails. If you are out on the trails, please help us out by picking up a few  branches and knocking the snow off the overhanging branches. We need to get back to square one before the forecast weather changes at the end of the week.

December 18:  On the brighter side, possibly for the first time ever, all equipment is at the Park and operational for the first day of grooming. 

Yesterday was a challenge. We did not make much progress. The Park had no power and the Sled Shed is not included on the generator circuit, so opening the doors was the second problem. The first was getting a path to the shed. 

The snow was heavy and wet, prone to tipping over machines. There are trees down and branches.It is skiable before grooming. There are paths broken out by skiers on many of the trails.

The Park will be cutting the trees today and we will be back working on the grooming. The cooler temperatures overnight should have helped out a lot. 

December 17:  Whew, the snow was so heavy that it compressed some under its own weight. Before packing it added up to around 16-18". Once again, the problem is that a great deal of it is still on the trees.  A gentle breeze would help, a strong wind would be a real problem.

SLU and we will be working on grooming today, starting with the roads, E-Z, then working our way to Overlook, Warmbrook, etc.

December 16:  Elevated surfaces have 6-8" of snow on them. Open areas at ground level have 4-6" on them, but in the woods, the snow is hanging on the trees and little is making it to the ground. It is more like 2+ inches under the trees and still snowing. 

This very heavy, wet snow will be a good base. It will be sticky until temperatures drop. Some branches may have come down, more will if we get any wind. We will begin grooming a little later today, or tomorrow at the latest. The roads will have the best coverage.

November 20:  We received a dusting of snow last night. Colder temperatures may have improved the stickiness.  E-Z was groomed and trackset yesterday. The trackset bottoms out to the ground in a lot of places but is skiable. The flat grooming is good.  We skied it yesterday. Packed down, it is not sticky. Ed is going to go up and check it out. He may try grooming one more trail, possibly New Pine.

November 19:  We got an additional 2" snow, but with the warm ground and warmer temperatures, we are losing snow. The Friends sled is back in service and is at the Park. Ed made a couple passes around the E-Z trail to try it out. There is not really enough snow to groom (wear bars on the skis need enough depth to stay above the earth) but compacting it may have helped the sticking. 

November 18:  The first skiers were out two days ago. Snow is falling, but the ground is not frozen, conditions are marginal and ungroomed. 

There is insufficient snow yet to groom and sleds are still in the shop being serviced. If we get an adequate amount to start grooming, and we get the first of the sleds back, we will groom. 

We will keep you posted. 

Plan for potentially sticky conditions!