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Adirondack Mountain Club
Bob Agel
Bill and Linda Ainsworth
James Akins
James  Allott
Barbara Ame-Montroy & Leon Montroy Jr.
Bob Axtell
Karen Bage
Philip and Meg Bain
John and Rose Bartholomew
Connie and Bob Bicknell
Eric and Elizabeth Boltt
Bill and Katherine Brown
Gwendolyn Burrow
Nikki and Ron Johson Coates
Michael Cooke
Teresa Corbin
Jeff and Holly Davis
Donna Dilworth
Doug Dominy
Garth DuPuy
Nils and Lynn Ekfelt
Jean Fallon
Joann Ferris
Nancy Fisher
Joel Foisy & Gretchen Koehler
Tom and Carrie French
Ed & Judy Fuhr
Robert and Susan Gibbs
Patricia Glover
Chuck and Linda Goolden
Ron and Sharon Gotham
Lorraine Gowing
Janet Green
Lynn Hall & Kevin Smith
Charles Jenkins & Anne Sibley
Michael and Terri Joyce
Gene and Carolyn Kaczka
Bruce Kent
William Kirchgasser
Liane and Stephen Knight
Charles and Amber Langley
Susan LaPlante
Ron and Joan Larsen
Blair Madore
Mauri Maroney
Frank and Ann McLaughlin
Joe and Ruth McWilliams
Joan Mentley
Eleanor Menz
Jeffrey Miller
Robert Miller
Jon and Kathy Montan
Richard Mooers
William and Patricia Mueller
SLU Nordic Ski Team
Emmett & Kathleen O'Leary
John and Susan Omohundro
Morelle and Mark Ovenden
Lawrence Palmer
Natalie Panshin & Erika Barthelmess
Susan Plante
Laurie Reichert
Joseph and Mary Rosenfeld
Wayne and Julie Rusho
Conrad Russell
Jason Schreer
Michael Seidman
Shawn Seymour & Laura Cordts
Armond and Ann Spencer
Jane Subramanian
Pete & Marcia Syrett
Mary H. Theisen Family Trust
Rodney and Cheryl Thomas
Diane Tiernan
Blanche Town
Ethan Townsend
David Trithart
Joan Trivilino
Tom Van de Water & Betsy Kepes
Barry Walch
Mary Jane Watson
Doug Welch & Ginger Storey-Welch
Julie Welch & Richard Tomlinson
Cynthia Wells
Barbara Wood
John Wood
Kevin and Maryanne Wood