Higley Trails Day

Saturday, November 5th
9 AM at the Park Office

If Possible, Print & Complete the Volunteer Waiver Beforehand:

Click Here for Waiver

Waivers will be collected when you arrive.  Those who can’t complete a waiver ahead of time will be provided one when you arrive.  Please bring a pen

  • Volunteers can identify areas they wish to work when handing in their waivers. 
  • Instructions & equipment for their area will be provided when you arrive.

Please Bring Garden Rakes
or Loppers if you Can
And a Camera!!

We’re hoping for lots of candids.
Send them to Judy at jfuhr@twcny.rr.com

    Volunteers are asked to wear sturdy shoes and may want to wear work gloves.


General Description of Tasks:  

  • Cast aside debris from the cutting of hazard trees on all trails.     
  • Loppers are needed on all trails. Seedlings are sprouting up and growing rapidly.  We need to trim back seedlings and small growth 2 feet back from trails’ edges to keep them from leaning into the trails when snow laden. 
  • Spindly beech trees are growing tall near trails. They are easy to identify because they have leaves similar to elm and leaves are still on. It is very important to cut at ground level so that someone falling does not incur an injury and also to prevent puncturing tires on Park equipment.
  • Toss any light branches aside
  • Check signage at intersections. If in need of replacement, let Judy know 
  • Level out any piles of woodchips that have been pre-piled on trails. Bank outside edge of curves higher.    

Specific Projects in Need of Volunteers:
See Trail Map for Locations

Volunteers may request Specific Project when you arrive.
Please have a second choice in case your first choice is full by the time you arrive.

EZ Trail — Pay attention to encroaching seedlings, rake any spots where ground is torn up. Look for stubs sticking up to cut back. This needs to be a wide trail for teaching. Cut back the edges, particularly the berry bushes. Necessary tools:  Garden Rakes and Loppers, something like a Japanese sickle if you have one.

Toadstool— Continue last year’s work keeping encroaching vegetation at bay.
Necessary tools: Loppers.

Beaver Pond Trail (including access spurs to Pine trail) — Cut back encroaching vegetation

Overlook Trail — Light trimming, look for and cut back branches on back side that will sag under snow load. There is a short new section of trail paralleling the road that needs to be buffed out. If you toss any branches on the trail paralleling the road, toss them toward the road to create a barrier discouraging snowmobiles. Necessary tools:  Loppers

Wood's Trail (including spurs back to Warm Brook) — Trim and cut back encroaching vegetation. Two crews working from opposite ends. Note any downed trees for Park staff, check out Park bench and brush off.

Sled Shed — someone with basic carpentry skills to build storage for parts,

Cross Country Equipment Rack — clean off shelves, build new small rack if not already done, reorganize equipment.

Trail Markers

Camp Roads- Put out signage.

Lodge — Put on winter tablecloths, clean and organize cabinets, refrigerator, etc. Heat up apple cider and put out treats for workers.

Wood Chips — Two on gaiters spreading wood chips, two with them, raking

Gardens — final weeding and cutting back for winter