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Volunteers Needed - Evening Volunteer Host Program

Hello Higley Friends,

I am sending this to all you folks who have some interest in cross country skiing at the park. As you probably know, the trails close at dark, which from now until some time in March is rather early in the afternoon. This makes it nearly impossible for skiers who work during the day to have a chance to ski mid-week. To minimize this inconvenience, we are fortunate to have an evening ski program which allows us to ski on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 8:00 PM.

Our Park Administration allows the lodge to remain open on these evenings when it usually closes at 3:00 PM. The important feature which allows this variation in park rules is the Evening Volunteer Host Program. The primary requirement of this plan is that there must be a responsible person at the park between 6:00 and 8:00 PM. The volunteer is able to use the park in the usual ways (skiing, snowshoeing, etc.) while they are on duty. The idea is that everyone else who is visiting knows there is someone there who can be a source of assistance or information. It also means that if you are planning to ski or hike anyway that it's a good time to be a volunteer host.

We have gotten an exceptionally early start to the season and people are interested in night skiing already. So, this email is the announcement that we are now looking for volunteers. To sign up, just reply to this email and let me know which Tuesday or Thursday you will be available, and as long as someone else hasn't already taken that date, it will be yours. At this point the rest of December and January are the nights we are intending to cover. I will send messages similar to this one each month so you don't have to plan TOO far ahead to make a commitment. 

This program has been in place for several years now, and it has grown quite a bit over that time. I have noticed that volunteers are using the lodge to good advantage, I think at least two birthdays were celebrated there last winter, and one night there appeared to be a fondue contest. I don't know who won, but it surely smelled great that night. The lodge has a refrigerator, sink with running water, and a microwave to accommodate some food prepping, but there is no stove or oven. It  does seem custom designed for crockpots and popcorn and lots of socializing. 

I hope to hear from you soon so we can keep this program on track.

See you on the trails,
Barry Walch, Evening Host Coordinator

2/3/19 -REMIDER
Hello Skiers and Snow shoers,

The Park is full of snow, and even if we get some warm weather in the next few days winter is scheduled to return soon after. Conditions were just wonderful on Saturday. I'm sure our talented groomers will be able to fix whatever damage might occur later this week. 

We have hosts for this week, but are in need of volunteers for Tuesday and Thursday evenings Feb 12, 14, 19, 21, 26, & 28. If you are interested in any of those evenings, just respond to this email with your preference, and I will work out a schedule. 

See you on the trails,

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Snow/Ski Report


Everything except for Cedar Brook Hills and training loop was groomed and track set yesterday. Henry cut the trail on the loops so we can groom that also. Conditions will be very good today. Enjoy that February sunshine!

Ed & Judy 
on behalf of the Friends of HFSP

Here's a couple of shots of the grooming.


Thanks to Ed & the others who help keep the trails smooth.

Judy sent in some pics from 1/14/19 showing how great the conditions are, thanks to all the hard work.

We wanted to pass along the following information from the Park Staff:

1). The normal Lodge hours are 8AM-3PM.  They are 8AM-5PM on weekends during the ski season.
2).  Park hours are going to be 8AM-4PM.
3).  Night skiing will only be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings - when hosts are available. 

Happy skiing!

Ed & Judy


Trail conditions are updated courtesy of Ed & Judy Fuhr:

Link to NYS Winter Trail Map for Higley Flow State Park

A trail and topographical map of Higley Flow State Park.
(click on picture or link for larger image)

Trail ratings:
Overlook-Beginner-green rating
Camp Loops-main roads B,C and E loops Beginner-green, A,D and F loops
Warmbrook-Intermediate-blue rating
Pine-Intermediate-blue rating
Cedar Brook-all three levels depending on loop chosen, back
hills-Advanced-black; trail to back hills -Intermediate-Blue;  First two
rights and next left to return-Beginner-green

Special "Thanks" to Ed Fuhr who spends many hours keeping our trails so perfectly groomed.

We'll also try to keep you informed of changing trail conditions as they occur.  If you find changes that we've missed reporting, please email us at ""