The register at the start of the trails is the official count of how many skiers and hikers use the trails and helps determine how funds are allotted by NYS.  Please remember: Everyone should Register every time.  Let's keep our future funding intact.

Trails Maintained Through Donations to and Volunteers of the Friends
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Update on Volunteers/Evenings at Higley Flow

Evenings at Higley Flow will begin on Tuesday, December 30th. I will send an update and reminder as we get closer to that date.

I'm pleased to announce that we have volunteers ready to host Evenings at Higley Flow State Park through January 8. We also have two parties with some flexibility for second half of January.
If you can volunteer to host, it involves being at the Park from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. You are welcome to ski, snowshoe, star gaze, or enjoy the Park in whatever way you wish while you host.
If you are available (individually, with a friend, or as a family), on January 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29, or any Tuesday or Thursday in February, please let me know.

I was at the Park yesterday (Sunday) and was able to ski Overlook, Warm Brook, and Pine. All the trails were in perfect condition. Fortunately, the higher elevation of the Park has kept the temperatures below the melting point.
I also want to thank all the snowshoers, walkers, and pet owners for respecting the ski track.

Finally, if you haven't had a chance to join or renew the Friends group, please do so now at

See you on the trail!

Tom French

For those of you who may have missed the first snow of the season, here's a great video.

Trail conditions are updated courtesy of Ed & Judy Fuhr:

12/20/14: Ed track set all trails, roads and camp loops yesterday.  In spite of our warmer, wetter weather earlier this week they track set well and conditions are quite good.   Later in the week appears to look pretty sketchy-so go out and enjoy.  The lodge and trails are open until 5:00 today and tomorrow.  (we promise-the fridge will be stocked after today). A big thank you to Kevin Kieff and staff for adjusting staffing to accommodate longer hours for the lodge on weekends.  This is an additional cost for the Parks in a time of very tight budgets and one we should really appreciate.

As an aside-Colton Winterfest will be the weekend of Jan 23-25th.  There are lots of great events out there to enjoy that weekend.  We will feature some of them in our ski reports.  The Park will offer two events that weekend-family day on Saturday sponsored by the Friends and the Higley Hustle Ski Festival on Sunday sponsored by the Higley Assoc. with Friends support.  The Festival features a number of races for every age, ability  and classical or freestyle preference.  Also on Sunday are free sleigh rides off the Lenny Road in Colton in the Griffin Wild Forest.  These rides are sponsored through the generosity of John White of White’s store in Colton and are provided by Tim Hatch and his World Champion Percheron Team.  These are magnificent animals, worth seeing for their striking beauty and size alone.  The sleigh ride is an additional bonus-one that other festivals charge a hefty fee for. Hope to see you enjoying the weekend.

Ed & Judy

April 2014, can you believe it?

Ed, showing his form!

Perfect conditions!

We have enclosed a couple of pics of an original watercolor donated by John Omohundro and his wife for the men's rest room.  Thank you!
Ed & Judy

A trail and topographical map of Higley Flow State Park.
(click on picture or link for larger image)

Trail ratings:
Overlook-Beginner-green rating
Camp Loops-main roads B,C and E loops Beginner-green, A,D and F loops
Warmbrook-Intermediate-blue rating
Pine-Intermediate-blue rating
Cedar Brook-all three levels depending on loop chosen, back
hills-Advanced-black; trail to back hills -Intermediate-Blue;  First two
rights and next left to return-Beginner-green

Special "Thanks" to Ed Fuhr who spends many hours keeping our trails so perfectly groomed.

We'll also try to keep you informed of changing trail conditions as they occur.  If you find changes that we've missed reporting, please email us at "higleyfriends(at)"